Skin Cancer

Can You Spot Skin Cancer?

Do you know how to spot skin cancer? In this video, the American Academy of Dermatology used an ultraviolet camera to show people the sun damage hidden underneath their skin. While you can’t see all the sun damage on your skin, it’s important to check the spots you can see – before it’s too late.

Everyone is at risk for skin cancer. How much do you know about skin cancer?

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancers. Nearly one in five Americans will develop it at some point in their lives. Most skin cancers, however, are curable if they are caught early. This makes regular dermatology appointments with a professional from Nielsen Dermatology increasingly important. Regular self-examinations also help detect any changes that should be examined by a professional.

More about Skin Cancer:

Most skin cancer develops where they can be seen, making it easier to catch them early on. Regular skin exams for any changes in existing growths or for any new spots are important. Dermatologists from Nielsen Dermatology can detect skin cancer. They are well versed in skin cancer signs and how to diagnose the disease.

Some common symptoms of skin cancer include sores or bumps that don’t go away or unusual growths that change in size, hurt or bleed. They often first appear as pale patches of skin or waxy. As they develop, they may ooze, bleed or become crusty or scaly. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek help from one of our skin cancer experts.

For more advanced forms of skin cancer, a lump develops which can be firm or rough on the surface. It can look like a scaly, red patch. A skin rash may come and go over time. This type of cancer is most often found on the hands, arms, neck or head.

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