Millions of Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each and every year. Early detection is key to providing effective skin cancer treatment with a positive prognosis. Here at Nielsen Dermatology, Dr. Timothy Nielsen and his expert dermatological team are dedicated to providing patients not only with general dermatology services (e.g. acne treatments) and cosmetic dermatology (e.g. dermal fillers) but also the ability to diagnose and treat various types of skin cancer including melanoma and other skin disorders.

As a dermatopathologist, Dr. Nielsen takes a simple biopsy (tissue sampling) from the suspicious growth and then examines it under a microscope. While under the microscope, he will be able to detect the presence of cancerous cells as well as other issues that could be present but aren’t always visible during a physical exam alone. If you suspect that you might have a skin disorder or if you are noticing changes to a growth or mole that looks suspicious the best doctor to turn to is a dermatopathologist.

Along with providing a definitive and quick diagnosis, our dermatologist can also create an individualized treatment plan based on the results of your biopsy and then immediately get to work treating the problem. No need to wait around or waste precious time looking for another doctor who can treat the problem. Time is of the essence when it comes to treating skin cancer and Dr. Nielsen can provide both a fast diagnosis and immediate treatment.

Having a dermatologist that you can turn to in order to provide an accurate diagnosis as well as a comprehensive treatment plan makes the whole process simpler and easier on those dealing with skin cancer and other skin disorders. We also treat patients of all ages, from children to seniors.

If you’ve already been diagnosed with cancer or a dermatological disorder and you aren’t satisfied with the treatment options that you and your current physician have discussed, Dr. Nielsen is also someone you can turn to for a second opinion. Not only will Dr. Nielsen perform the biopsy himself, but also he will provide personal and consultative services to all of his patients so they better understand the many treatments available that will be able to treat and/or manage the issues they are currently facing. Finding out you have skin cancer can be a stressful time, but the team at Nielsen Dermatology wants to make treating your skin cancer easier.

If you are noticing changes in your skin that could be early warning signs of skin cancer then it’s time to find out how our dermatopathology services can improve the health of your skin. Call Nielsen Dermatology today at (561) 737-4888 for Boynton Beach, FL location.

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